Lab furnaces used for heat treatment of parts for R & D and testing are made small, compact and exactly as the user defines it. These can be used in labs for developments or as prototypes to be later on implemented on a larger industrial scale. Therelek’s custom made lab equipment like bell jar atmosphere and vacuum furnaces, raising hearth furnaces, tubular furnaces, vacuum and atmospheric hot presses, calibration furnaces, chamber furnaces and box furnaces in temperature operating ranges up to 3000°C are offered. Precise temperature control, well regulated control atmospheres and high vacuum systems form the core of these equipment so the results acquired and repeatable and accurate.

Design :
Chamber/ Raising Hearth/ Bell Jar / Tubular

Temperature Range :
Upto 2400°C

Heating Elements :
Nichrome Wire / Special Alloy Resistance Heating Wire / Silicon Carbide / Molybdenum Di- Silicide / Molybdenum / Tungsten / Graphite

Instrumentation :
Thyristor, Programmable Temperature Controller, Temperature Recorder, PLC, SCADA, HMI

tubular furnace

Used in experimental or developmental setups, tubular furnaces are available in horizontal and vertical configurations. Smaller tubular furnaces are available as table top models also. Operating temperatures up to 1800°C are standard. We give the option of multiple zone control too if required. The tube is quartz or high alumina based, with sealed end caps through which provision for vacuum evacuation is given. High temperature, high vacuum furnaces available as per your requirement.

chamber or box furnace

Box furnaces are available in lightweight and heavyweight models, as table top or self standing with temperature operating ranges to 1900°C. They can be side opening or top opening. Controlled atmosphere, controlled cooling and vacuum based furnaces are available, as are furnaces with requirement of high ramp up rate to reach peak temperature quickly. Box thermostats up to operating temperature ranges of 1250°C are also available. These are top loading type with a door lever mechanism for easy opening for loading of ceramic moulds or other material for heating. The material to be heated is contained in a nimonic alloy based former that fixes the usable working area of the thermostat.


We are considered in the market to be one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of this impeccable range of Laboratory Oven. For the purpose of living up to this reputation, we follow the set industry norms and guidelines and utilize the finest raw materials and modern machines. Owing to this, the offered range is known to have a superior strength and a longer service life.


  • Unmatched capacity
  • Impeccable performance
  • Easy to operate

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